Workplace Safety Training Award Winner

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  • Blog by Watts Communications Inc.
  • Watts Communications recently produced a 2018 Telly Award winner! The winning program was a training video production titled, Workplace Safety Basics. This program featured on-location footage from a variety of businesses, paired with on camera narration in a real world manufacturing facility. This was a complete local production with all participants and video production in Wisconsin.

    Recognized as a Telly Award winner by professionals in the video production industry and given 4.5 star reviews from customers using the training in their workplace…

  • “We’ve been using the Workplace Safety 101 video for some time to assist with onboarding new direct hires as well as temps. The Workplace Safety Basics is a great update to that video. We’ve added it to our initial training regimen and crafted our initial safety walkthroughs for new hires to go along with the topics covered where we can. The video flows well and the presenter seems more personable, maintaining the viewer’s interest in what can be a dry topic.”
    “One of the best new employee orientation programs I have worked with in a long time. I would recommend it for every business.”

  • Blog by Watts Communications Inc.

Watts Communications has been producing award winning training video programs with J. J. Keller & Associates for more than 15 years. The Workplace Safety Basics Training program is all inclusive. It provides an overview of safe work practices, safe use of tools and equipment, and procedures to follow in case of an emergency.  The video helps trainers to reduce injuries, incidents, and employee turnover, which in turn helps boost employee morale and job satisfaction.

Watts has been producing effective employee communications Since 1991. Contact Watts Communications for more information on how we can help produce your next video for your business or organization.

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