The Power Of Using Video For Hr And Recruitment

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This blog will help you answer the question “How can video help in my HR and recruitment efforts?” and will provide tips for creating your own HR or recruitment video plus ways to maximize your investment.

Video has been a powerful tool in recruitment for decades.  Colleges, private high schools, the military, and many other organizations have frequently turned to video to help them find qualified candidates.  Now, more than ever it seems, companies are using video to help them find skilled, reliable employees. According to, online video is on track to account for 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2019.

Employers have plenty to offer to prospective employees, certainly much more than a paycheck.  Work environment, creative freedom, camaraderie with co-workers, and opportunity for advancement are among the qualities a job-seeker may consider as high priorities.  Video gives employers the chance to showcase these features, and much more.


If your employees have fun on the job, potential hires should know that.   Seeing smiles and laughter, maybe a few handshakes or high-fives, certainly makes a workplace look enjoyable.  (We know, that doesn’t happen for eight hours a day…but it’s a great scene to showcase!)  Testimonials from upbeat employees help too.


An employee who has experienced promotions, professional growth, and new opportunities would likely have great things to say about their job.  Allowing him/her to describe those experiences can be a great way to influence a potential job candidate.


A couple other general tips:  Upbeat music can carry the video from start to finish…but make sure the video finishes quickly enough.   It’s a short attention span world!  When your prospects finish watching, they should be excited to take the next step, rather than feel bogged down by a video that was too long.   


Producing a high-quality recruitment video is obviously just one step in the process.  There are many platforms to ensure your target audience actually watches the video. 

Showcasing your recruitment video on your company’s website, specifically the Careers page, is a great way to start.   Playing the video at job fairs will set your company apart from the one at the next booth.  Perhaps most important, spreading the video through social media gives people the chance to share it with friends whom they think would be a good fit.  YouTube and other online advertising channels are great options.  And, depending on your budget and target audience, a 30 second TV commercial is a high-profile way to spread your message on what many still consider the most powerful medium available.

Watts Communications specializes in HR Video Production. We have a strong history of producing recruitment and employee communications videos for employers, schools, and other organizations.

Our creative team has specialists across all disciplines of media, creative, and marketing. Let us create a compelling video and help serve your video to the right audience through the right channels!


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