This blog will help you answer the question “How do I communicate the changes our company has made after COVID-19?” and will provide tips for creating your own video plus ways to maximize your investment.

Let’s face it, COVID-19 is not going away tomorrow so there’s going to be a lot of permanent changes made. Every business should be building new plans and policies to safely bring people back to work and continue operations, while following recommended health guidelines. These changes will include social distancing in the workplace, increased sanitation efforts, hand sanitizers, health monitoring, etc.  Many will also continue permanent work from home positions. Every plan is going to be different based on each unique operation.

This pandemic has changed the way we operate internally and the way we provide products or services to our customers, now and in the foreseeable future. It is essential all stakeholders, customers, and employees, understand the actions your company is taking to keep them safe.

One of the most highly effective ways to communicate these changes is thru Video. Video can help communicate your company’s initiatives internally or externally in marketing efforts.


Use video for Internal Communications

  • Let your employees know you care
  • Explain what the company is doing to keep them safe at work
  • Explain new policies and procedures to employees, visitors or volunteers
  • Educate employees and train them for a safer, healthier work environment


Use video for External Communications

  • Let your customers know you’re open for business!
  • Promote specials or incentives
  • Explain what the company is doing to ensure safe work practices and services
  • Share your support in the community
  • Build a positive brand


Multipurpose Your Investment and Save on Your Video Budget

With careful planning of your objectives and the message, you can multipurpose your video content for both audiences and save on budget! Share internally thru company newsletters, intranet, loop in on-site tv monitors, meetings, website. Promote on social media, TV commercials, YouTube and other online streaming platforms.


Watts Communications specializes in company training, internal video messages, marketing videos and television commercials.

Our team can help you determine the best message and platform based on your audience. 

We have specialists across all disciplines of media, creative, and marketing. Let us help you determine the best message and platform based on your audience.



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