Why is it important to have a Corporate Headshot?

Many of our initial interactions today are networking online. Virtual personal branding has become as important as that confident, firm handshake once was when making that first in person impression. Head shots are used for business cards, websites, social media accounts and overall the building of your brand.

Why is social media important for a business?

Online professional profiles represent you or the company you portray. A professional, consistent approach across all social media outlets will greatly improve your networking efforts.

Why is personal branding helpful for a business?

If you are an employee at a company, you are always representing your business. Having that professional head shot will not only put confidence in you, but in your employer as well.


Three key points about Corporate Headshots:

  1. Look the part
    Dressing in appropriate attire presents a professional appearance
  2. Take yourself seriously, you will use it everywhere on the web.
    These are just a few places you would use your professional online portrait.
    -Your business website
    -Your facebook business page
    -Your blog
    -Leaving comments on other blogs
  3. Stand out and be proud
    Having a professional take your photograph is very important. A professional photographer will make all the difference. They will place you in an appropriate atmosphere in regard to backgrounds, composition, props, and positioning. Lighting is also key in capturing a natural, honest and visually appealing image.

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